The Eden Paradox

The Eden Paradox
Author: Barry Kirwan
Publisher: Summertime Publications Incorporated
Total Pages: 432
Release: 2011-09
Genre: Interplanetary voyages
ISBN: 9780982369845

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In a world beset by political turmoil, environmental collapse, and a predatory new religion, Eden, a recently discovered planet, is man's last hope. But two missions have failed to return. Blake Alexander and his crew lead the final attempt to bring back good news.

Eden's Trial

Eden's Trial
Author: Barry Kirwan
Publisher: Independently Published
Total Pages: 316
Release: 2019-02-06
ISBN: 9781794644649

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First contact did not go well. Survivors are fleeing Earth, into a hostile galaxy where alien intelligence and weaponry rule. Can a deserted planet offer refuge? Or will the genetically engineered Alicians finish the job started on Eden. While Blake fends off attacks, Micah seeks allies, but his plan backfires, and humanity finds itself on trial for its very right to exist.This stunning sequel to The Eden Paradox launches us into alien political intrigue and intergalactic war of survival. Lydia Manx, Piker Press: It's hard to put down Mr. Kirwan's book, but at the same time you don't want to race ahead but savor the complexities of personalities and the well crafted story line. There are new worlds and new enemies entwined with the main characters nearly as closely as their lovers. I can't wait for the next journey along side the Eden pathway! Lydia Manx, Piker Press.SF author Gary Gibson: A science fiction thriller with terrific images and revelations."Riveting plot, compelling characters - delivered everything I hoped it would.""Brilliant, imaginative, original.""Book two continues the success of its predecessor.""Fascinating, fantastical science fiction. Deeper than anything I've ever read in this genre.""Incredible alien races and intense pacing. Buckle up for the ride of your life!"

Eden's Endgame

Eden's Endgame
Author: Barry Kirwan
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages: 366
Release: 2014-12-22
Genre: Interplanetary voyages
ISBN: 9781503228719

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"The galactic war continues as Qorall unleashes a devastating new weapon that threatens not only the last remnants of humanity, but also everything it touches. Will humanity triumph and take its rightful place in the galactic order? Or will Qorall destroy everything and finally overcome the galaxy?"--Page 4 of cover.

Eden's Revenge

Eden's Revenge
Author: Barry Kirwan
Publisher: Summertime Publications Incorporated
Total Pages: 334
Release: 2013-11
Genre: Interplanetary voyages
ISBN: 9781940333007

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After eighteen years, the quarantine that has protected humanity's survivors on the planet Esperia is about to end. Mankind won't stand a chance without external help. Yet in the middle of a galactic war, who is concerned about one small planet when worlds fall every day? Eden's Revenge is the heart-stopping third episode in the Eden Saga. "Awe-inspiring aliens are swept up in an epic narrative." Sophia McDougall, best-selling SF author of Savage City "Brilliant plotting, sizzling action, the tension and pull of the story keep it steamrollering along." Gideon Roberton, screenwriter and author. ..".an outstanding finale. I read the last half straight through--couldn't put it down." Jacob Millican, reviewer, USA.

Decoding Eden

Decoding Eden
Author: Harold Ballew
Publisher: WestBow Press
Total Pages: 194
Release: 2013-03-11
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 1449787142

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Why did God put a forbidden tree in Eden? How did the serpent end up in a conversation with Eve? What was the real reason Eve ate the forbidden fruit? Decoding Eden holds the answers to these and many more questions about what really happened in Eden. The answers may surprise you. They might also challenge you to see yourself and your world differently.


Author: Hans E. Bynagle
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Total Pages: 407
Release: 2006-05-30
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN: 0897899792

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A newly reorganized, up-to-date overview of key reference works in philosophy, reflects a veritable explosion of reference sources, both print and online, published over the past decade. Nearly 300 of the 700+ entries consist of new material, with an additional 50 entries substantially revised and updated. English-language sources are emphasized, but important non-English works are also well represented. For professional philosophers, philosophy educators, students from beginning to graduate, and librarians. This guide represents a substantial updating and complete re-organization of the author's 1997 Philosophy: A Guide to the Reference Literature, 2nd edition (1st edition, 1986). It reflects a veritable explosion of reference sources, both print and online, in the field of philosophy over the past decade. Nearly 300 entries (or 40 percent) are entirely new. An additional 50 or so entries have substantial revisions recording new editions, changes in serial publications, series, and websites, or additional volumes completed in multi-volume sets. In addition, it has been entirely re-organized along topical lines. Each of its twenty-three chapters is divided into four sections: (1) general sources, (2) history of philosophy, (3) branches of philosophy, and (4) miscellanea. This new arrangement accords better with the greatly expanded range of philosophy reference sources and makes it easier for the user to identify related sources of different types (bibliographies, dictionaries, web gateways, etc.) on the same topic. Like its predecessor Guide to Reference Sources in Philosophy, the 3rd edition aims to serve a diverse audience of professional philosophers, philosophy educators, students from beginning to graduate, and librarians. All entries include generous annotations that are often evaluative as well as descriptive. English-language sources are emphasized, but non-English works important to researchers or of interest to users with facility in other languages are also well-represented.

The Eden Prophecy

The Eden Prophecy
Author: Graham Brown
Publisher: Random House
Total Pages: 418
Release: 2013-04-11
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1448118581

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In a Paris slum, the body of a rogue geneticist is found tortured and defiled. Ex-CIA agent Hawker is determined to find the men responsible. However, the secrets his friend may have died to protect, lead to a fabled Sumerian tablet that contains ancient secrets powerful enough to transform the world for good or evil. From the back streets of Paris to an underground auction in the catacombs of Beirut to the merciless deserts of Iran, Hawker and his partner Danielle find themselves hunting a murderous cult leader whose scientific arsenal could lead humanity to a new Eden - or unleash hell on the Earth itself. Full of conspiracy, thrills and fast-paced action, The Eden Prophecy is perfect for fans of Dan Brown.

The Eden of Labor

The Eden of Labor
Author: Thomas Wharton Collens
Publisher: University of Michigan Library
Total Pages: 250
Release: 1876
Genre: History

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Demons in Eden

Demons in Eden
Author: Jonathan Silvertown
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2008-11-15
Genre: Science
ISBN: 0226757773

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At the heart of evolution lies a bewildering paradox. Natural selection favors above all the individual that leaves the most offspring—a superorganism of sorts that Jonathan Silvertown here calls the "Darwinian demon." But if such a demon existed, this highly successful organism would populate the entire world with its own kind, beating out other species and eventually extinguishing biodiversity as we know it. Why then, if evolution favors this demon, is the world filled with so many different life forms? What keeps this Darwinian demon in check? If humankind is now the greatest threat to biodiversity on the planet, have we become the Darwinian demon? Demons in Eden considers these questions using the latest scientific discoveries from the plant world. Readers join Silvertown as he explores the astonishing diversity of plant life in regions as spectacular as the verdant climes of Japan, the lush grounds of the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, the shallow wetlands and teeming freshwaters of Florida, the tropical rainforests of southeast Mexico, and the Canary Islands archipelago, whose evolutionary novelties—and exotic plant life—have earned it the sobriquet "the Galapagos of botany." Along the way, Silvertown looks closely at the evolution of plant diversity in these locales and explains why such variety persists in light of ecological patterns and evolutionary processes. In novel and useful ways, he also investigates the current state of plant diversity on the planet to show the ever-challenging threats posed by invasive species and humans. Bringing the secret life of plants into more colorful and vivid focus than ever before, Demons in Eden is an empathic and impassioned exploration of modern plant ecology that unlocks evolutionary mysteries of the natural world.

God, Mind and Knowledge

God, Mind and Knowledge
Author: Andrew Moore
Publisher: Routledge
Total Pages: 202
Release: 2016-04-15
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 1317126467

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The themes of God, Mind and Knowledge are central to the philosophy of religion but they are now being taken up by professional philosophers who have not previously contributed to the field. This book is a collection of original essays by eminent and rising philosophers and it explores the boundaries between philosophy of religion, philosophy of mind, metaphysics, and epistemology. Its introduction will make it accessible to newcomers to the field, especially those approaching it from theology. Many of the book’s topics lie at the focal point of debates - instigated in part by the so-called New Atheists - in contemporary culture about whether it is rational to have religious beliefs, and the role these beliefs can or should play in the life of individuals and of society.