The Outsiders

The Outsiders
Author: S. E Hinton
Total Pages: 180
Release: 1967
Genre: Fugitives from justice
ISBN: 9780137012602

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The Outsiders

The Outsiders
Author: William Thorndike
Publisher: Harvard Business Press
Total Pages: 274
Release: 2012
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 1422162672

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It's time to redefine the CEO success story. Meet eight iconoclastic leaders who helmed firms where returns on average outperformed the S&P 500 by more than 20 times.

My Ideal Bookshelf

My Ideal Bookshelf
Author: Thessaly La Force
Publisher: Little, Brown
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2012-11-13
Genre: Literary Collections
ISBN: 0316225002

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The books that we choose to keep -- let alone read -- can say a lot about who we are and how we see ourselves. In My Ideal Bookshelf, dozens of leading cultural figures share the books that matter to them most; books that define their dreams and ambitions and in many cases helped them find their way in the world. Contributors include Malcolm Gladwell, Thomas Keller, Michael Chabon, Alice Waters, James Patterson, Maira Kalman, Judd Apatow, Chuck Klosterman, Miranda July, Alex Ross, Nancy Pearl, David Chang, Patti Smith, Jennifer Egan, and Dave Eggers, among many others. With colorful and endearingly hand-rendered images of book spines by Jane Mount, and first-person commentary from all the contributors, this is a perfect gift for avid readers, writers, and all who have known the influence of a great book.

That Was Then, This Is Now

That Was Then, This Is Now
Author: S. E. Hinton
Publisher: Penguin
Total Pages: 178
Release: 2021-05-04
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 0593349652

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Another classic from the author of the internationally bestselling The Outsiders Continue celebrating 50 years of The Outsiders by reading this companion novel. That Was Then, This is Now is S. E. Hinton's moving portrait of the bond between best friends Bryon and Mark and the tensions that develop between them as they begin to grow up and grow apart. "A mature, disciplined novel which excites a response in the reader . . . Hard to forget."—The New York Times

The Outsiders

The Outsiders
Author: Jeffrey Bowman
Publisher: Die Gestalten Verlag-DGV
Total Pages: 267
Release: 2014
Genre: Design
ISBN: 9783899555134

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Products, brands, and ideas that capture the evolving ethos of today's outdoor and lifestyle entrepreneurs.

Penguin Minis: Looking for Alaska

Penguin Minis: Looking for Alaska
Author: John Green
Publisher: Penguin
Total Pages: 507
Release: 2018-10-23
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 0525555714

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“Will slip equally well into a pocket as a Christmas stocking.” – The Wall Street Journal, “What to Give,” holiday gift guide. Introducing Penguin Minis! #1 bestselling author John Green like you've never read him before. • Featured in the New York Times, The Washington Post, BBC's "The World," Real Simple, BuzzFeed, Bustle, and more! John Green's critically acclaimed debut, Looking for Alaska, is now available as a Penguin Mini edition. Complete and unabridged, the book's revolutionary landscape design and ultra-thin paper makes it easy to hold in one hand without sacrificing readability. Perfectly-sized to slip into a pocket or bag, Penguin Minis are ideal for reading on the go. About Looking for Alaska: Winner of the Michael L. Printz Award Los Angeles Times Book Prize Finalist A Great American Reads selection A New York Times Bestseller A USA Today Bestseller Top Ten, NPR’s 100 Best-Ever Teen Novels TIME Magazine's 100 Best Young Adult Novels of All Time Before. Miles Halter is fascinated by famous last words. He leaves for boarding school to seek what Rabelais called “The Great Perhaps.” Much awaits Miles, including clever and self-destructive Alaska Young, who will pull Miles into her labyrinth and catapult him into the Great Perhaps. After. Nothing will ever be the same. A modern classic, this stunning debut marked #1 bestselling author John Green’s arrival as a groundbreaking voice in contemporary fiction.

The Outsiders

The Outsiders
Author: James Corbett
Publisher: Eye Books (US&CA)
Total Pages: 388
Release: 2021-04-29
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1785632612

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Lost loves and painful truths against the backdrop of Liverpool's fall and riseLiverpool 1981: as the city burns during inner city riots, Paul meets two people who will change his life: Nadezhda, an elusive poet who has fallen out of fashion; and her daughter Sarah, with whom he shares an instant connection. As the summer reaches its climax his feelings for both are tested amidst secrets, lies and the unravelling of Nadezhda's past. It is an experience that will define the rest of his life.The Outsiders moves from early-80s Liverpool, via Nadezhda's clandestine background in war-torn Europe, through to the present day, taking in the global and local events that shape all three characters.In a powerful story of hidden histories, lost loves and painful truths ambitiously told against the backdrop of Liverpool's fall and rise, James Corbett's enthralling debut novel explores the complexities of human history and how individual perspectives of the past shape everyone's present.

He's Not Lazy

He's Not Lazy
Author: Adam Price
Publisher: Union Square & Co.
Total Pages: 243
Release: 2017-08-01
Genre: Family & Relationships
ISBN: 1454926457

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“Clinical psychologist Price offers one of the most significant books of the year in this new look at an old problem—the underperforming teenage boy… Price’s book brings an important voice to a much needed conversation.” —Library Journal (Starred review) On the surface, capable teenage boys may look lazy. But dig a little deeper, writes child psychologist Adam Price in He’s Not Lazy, and you’ll often find conflicted boys who want to do well in middle and high school but are afraid to fail, and so do not try. This book can help you become an ally with your son, as he discovers greater self-confidence and accepts responsibility for his future. Why are some teenage boys unmotivated? Why do they spend endless hours playing video games or glued to their phones and social media sites instead of studying? Is this a sign of laziness or something more troubling? As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Adam Price has found that teenage boys are extremely sensitive to the stress of our competitive achievement-oriented culture—one that has created a pressure cooker for today’s adolescent. In He’s Not Lazy, Dr. Price, a renowned expert on ADHD and learning disabilities, explains how to help a boy who is not lazy, but rather, is conflicted about trying his best. Dr. Price will guide you to discover hidden obstacles to your son’s success, set expectations, and empower him to accept responsibility for his own future. He’s Not Lazy will help you become your son’s ally, as he discovers greater self-confidence and becomes more self-reliant. Rather than reacting to pressure by shunning academic responsibilities altogether or propping up fear-based rebellion with justifications like “I am not going to be one of those nerds who have no life,” or “Tests don’t measure intelligence or help you learn, so what’s the point of studying for them?” your teenage son can work with you using the guidance in this book.

The Outsiders by Judd Winick Book One

The Outsiders by Judd Winick Book One
Author: Judd Winick
Publisher: DC Comics
Total Pages: 302
Release: 2019-05-28
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels
ISBN: 1401288529

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The Justice League is a bunch of pushovers. The Teen Titans are just kids. When the DC Universe calls for a more...aggressive approach, they call Nightwing, Arsenal and company: the Outsiders. A renegade Superman Robot goes on the rampage, and a long-standing member of the Teen Titans dies. Stricken with grief, old allies Nightwing and Arsenal decide that enough is enough: a more proactive approach to justice isnÕt just neededÑitÕs necessary. This title collects TITANS/YOUNG JUSTICE: GRADUATION DAY #1-3, TEEN TITANS/OUTSIDERS SECRET FILES #1 and OUTSIDERS #1-7.

One Cut

One Cut
Author: Eve Porinchak
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2017-05-02
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN: 1481481339

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Real stories. Real teens. Real crimes. A backyard brawl turned media circus filled with gang accusations turns a small, quiet town upside down in this second book in the new Simon True series. On May 22, 1995 at 7 p.m. sixteen-year-old Jimmy Farris and seventeen-year-old Mike McLoren were working out outside Mike’s backyard fort. Four boys hopped the fence, and a fight broke out inside the dark fort made of two-by-four planks and tarps. Within minutes, both Mike and Jimmy had been stabbed. Jimmy died a short time later. While neighbors knew that the fort was a local hangout where drugs were available, the prosecution depicted the four defendants as gang members, and the crime as gang related. The accusations created a media circus, and added fuel to the growing belief that this affluent, safe, all-white neighborhood was in danger of a full-blown gang war. Four boys stood trial. All four boys faced life sentences. Why? Because of California’s Felony Murder Rule. The law states that “a death is considered first degree murder when it is commissioned during one of the following felonies: Arson, Rape, Carjacking, Robbery, Burglary, Mayhem, Kidnapping.” In other words, if you—or somebody you are with—intends to commit a felony, and somebody accidentally dies in the process, all parties can be tried and convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life without parole, even if nobody had any intention of committing a murder. What really happened that day? Was it a case of robbery gone wrong? Gang activity? Or was it something else?