Henry James and the Art of Impressions

Henry James and the Art of Impressions
Author: John Scholar
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Total Pages: 310
Release: 2020
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 0198853513

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Henry James criticized the impressionism movement, yet time and again used the word 'impressio' to represent his characters's consciousness, as well as the work of the literary artist. This book explores this anomaly, placing James's work within the wider cultural history of impressionism.

St James's Palace

St James's Palace
Author: Rufus Bird
Publisher: Yale University Press
Total Pages: 290
Release: 2023-01-10
Genre: History
ISBN: 0300267460

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The first modern history of St James's Palace, shedding light on a remarkable building at the heart of the history of the British monarchy that remains by far the least known of the royal residences In this first modern history of St James's Palace, the authors shed new light on a remarkable building that, despite serving as the official residence of the British monarchy from 1698 to 1837, is by far the least known of the royal residences. The book explores the role of the palace as home to the heir to the throne before 1714, its impact on the development of London and the West end during the late Stuart period, and how, following the fire at the palace of Whitehall, St James's became the principal seat of the British monarchy in 1698. The arrangement and display of the paintings and furnishings making up the Royal Collection at St James's is chronicled as the book follows the fortunes of the palace through the Victorian and Edwardian periods up to the present day. Specially commissioned maps, phased plans, and digital reconstructions of the palace at key moments in its development accompany a rich array of historical drawings, watercolors, photographs, and plans. The book includes a foreword by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. Published in association with Royal Collection Trust

Henry James Framed

Henry James Framed
Author: Michael Anesko
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
Total Pages: 328
Release: 2022-10
Genre: Art
ISBN: 1496233182

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Henry James Framed is a cultural history of Henry James as a work of art. Throughout his life, James demonstrated an abiding interest in--some would say an obsession with--the visual arts. In his most influential testaments about the art of fiction, James frequently invoked a deeply felt analogy between imaginative writing and painting. At a time when having a photographic carte de visite was an expected social commonplace, James detested the necessity of replenishing his supply or of distributing his autographed image to well-wishing friends and imploring readers. Yet for a man who set the highest premium on personal privacy, James seems to have had few reservations about serving as a model for artists in other media and sat for his portrait a remarkable number of twenty-four times. Surprisingly few James scholars have brought into primary focus those occasions when the author was not writing about art but instead became art himself, through the creative expression of another's talent. To better understand the twenty-four occasions he sat for others to represent him, Michael Anesko reconstructs the specific contexts for these works' coming into being, assesses James's relationships with his artists and patrons, documents his judgments concerning the objects produced, and, insofar as possible, traces the later provenance of each of them. James's long-established intimacy with the studio world deepened his understanding of the complex relationship between the artist and his sitter. James insisted above all that a portrait was a revelation of two realities: the man whom it was the artist's conscious effort to reveal and the artist, or interpreter, expressed in the very quality and temper of that effort. The product offered a double vision--the strongest dose of life that art could give, and the strongest dose of art that life could give.

James: An Introduction and Study Guide

James: An Introduction and Study Guide
Author: Margaret Aymer
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 113
Release: 2017-01-12
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 1350008842

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In this guide Margaret Aymer introduces the letter of James, countering arguments that it is of limited theological value and significance for early Christianity. Aymer focuses on James' theology of God's divine singularity and immutability, and of God's relationship to the community as father and benefactor. These are theological foundations for its emphasis on community actions of belief, humility and mutual care. Aymer introduces and examines the letter's stand against empire, not least in regard to wealth. Divine power is envisioned as an alternative power to that of the Romans, though in some respects it can seem equally brutal. Aymer concludes by focusing on those addressed by James's homily, the exiles in diaspora. Engaging the psychology of migration, she unpacks the migrant strategy underlying James's call to living 'unstained'. Finally, Aymer encourages student to ask what it might mean now for twenty-first-century people to take seriously a separatist migrant discourse not only as an interesting ancient writing but as a scripture, a lens through which its readers can glimpse the possibilities for how lives are to be lived, and how contemporary worlds can be interpreted and engaged?

The God of the King James Bible

The God of the King James Bible
Author: James Coffey
Publisher: WestBow Press
Total Pages: 86
Release: 2019-08-05
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 1973646684

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No book revealed God better than the King James Bible. Its translation from the original Hebrew and Greek scriptures was faithfully literal and yet gracefully poetic. Its language was so beautiful that today the King James Bible is regarded as literature and one of the great achievements of Western civilization. Its influence was powerful and far-reaching. Its translators were intelligent, godly, and untarnished by the corruption of the modern world. If you want to know who God is and what he is like, read how he is described in the King James Bible.

James the Connoisseur Cat

James the Connoisseur Cat
Author: Harriet Hahn
Publisher: Open Road Media
Total Pages: 143
Release: 2015-02-10
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1504004469

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The delightful crime-solving and aristocratic social adventures of an American antiques expert and a British feline with finesse It’s love at first sight when a businessman visiting London meets a silver-gray cat named James in the lobby of his apartment house. The two begin meeting regularly for cocktails—single-malt whiskey, neat, for James—and attending posh parties, where James first makes a name for himself by cracking the case of a priceless jewel scam. Soon James is on the prowl, deterring pickpockets on the subway and ferreting out stamp forgeries and counterfeit paintings. In between crime capers, he screens potential tenants, spends the holidays at an ancestral estate in Devon where the crème de la crème of British society anoints him Sir James, and indulges in his penchants for pâté de fois gras and matchmaking with inimitable panache. James the Connoisseur Cat is the 1st book in the Connoisseur Cat novels, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

Selected Writings of James Fitzjames Stephen

Selected Writings of James Fitzjames Stephen
Author: Christopher Ricks
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 295
Release: 2023-05-18
Genre: Journalism and literature
ISBN: 019288283X

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James Fitzjames Stephen (1829-1894) is still highly valued as a judge, as the historian of the criminal law of England, and as the author of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, a forthright disagreement with John Stuart Mill. Stephen's weekly journalism established him as a vigorous cross-examiner in the controversies--cultural, social, religious, political, moral, and philosophical--of his time (and duly, of our time). Collected here now are his essays on the novel and journalism, the co-operation and collusion of these two, their responsibilities and irresponsibilities. Written between 1855 and 1867, while Stephen prosecuted twin careers as barrister and journalist, these reviews bring to bear his formidable powers of mind and of phrasing, scrutinizing many deep and disconcerting novelists--Dickens and Thackeray, Harriet Beecher Stowe and E. C. Gaskell, Flaubert and Balzac. His work also weighs journalism in the scales: from Addison's The Spectator to the Crimean war correspondence of William Howard Russell; from the scabrously detailed law-reports in The Times to the phenomenon of Letters to its Editor; from the high culture of Matthew Arnold to the mass market of 'Railroad Bookselling'.